Youth Weekend Away Munich 2019

The fourth and latest Youth Weekend Away happened in Munich (Germany), in 2019. The event was called the “OktoberFling” as it happened on the last weekend of the famous German OktoberFest! Judith Bartels, Silke Grosholz and Matthias Rank lifted up dancers’ feet with great music, while Michi Bauböck, Florence Burgy and Mathias Ferber taught the dance classes. On Saturday morning, the dancers split up into a beginner and an advanced dance class, led by Florence and Mathias. After a very yummy German lunch (with a lot of pretzels!), dancers had another round of dance class, still with Florence and Mathias. The afternoon ended with a choice between a Highland class taught by Mathias, or a Bavarian-Austrian dance class taught by Michi. Most of the dancers remember the spinning and fun dances on this one well! Matthias, Silke and Judith lifted all off the floor during the evening dance! On Sunday morning, the bravest dancers went on a walking tour leading to the Wiesn (OktoberFest) to end the weekend!

Youth Weekend Away Budapest 2018

The third edition of the Youth Weekend Away happened in Budapest (Hungary), in 2018. That year, Gabor Turi (teacher) Dave Hall (teacher and musician), and Christina Hood (musician) entertained the young dancers in a great city full of history. All enjoyed the evening dance provided with great music from Dave, Christina and the musician’s workshop. The dancers remember the good dancing, new and old friends, walking round sightseeing, a very impressive thunderstorm and … good ice cream!!

Youth Weekend Away Oslo 2017

The second Youth Weekend Away happened in Oslo (Norway), in 2017. James Gray and Matthias Rank played wonderful music while Jamie Berg led the dance class. On Saturday morning, after a short walk from the hotel located near the Royal Palace, dancers attended a dance class at the Oslo Cathedral School. After a typical and tasty Norwegian lunch (with salmon, brown cheese, not to forget the heart shaped waffles!), the group split up into a Cape Breton workshop led by Jamie, or a music course led by James. All enjoyed the evening dance, together with the Oslo Scottish Dance Group, dancing to James, Matthias and the workshop’s musicians. The after party was also a cracking moment that will never be forgotten! On Sunday morning, Lynetta, Sigrunn and Andrii took them on a walk for a sightseeing tour in Oslo!

Youth Weekend Away Paris 2016

The very first edition of the Youth Weekend Away happened in Paris (France), in 2016. It gathered great teachers: Mathias Ferber, Raphaëlle Orgeret and Rachel Shankland as well as good musicians: Adam Brady, Aymeric Fromherz and Lindsey Ibbotson! On Saturday morning, dancers – full of croissants and enthusiasm – attended a dance class led by Rachel. After a great picnic lunch by the Seine under the sun, Raphaëlle taught the afternoon class. Then Mathias challenged them with some Highland dancing, in particular with “the clumsy lover”! How fun! Everyone enjoyed the evening dance, together with the Paris Branch, dancing to Adam Brady and the workshop’s musicians. On Sunday morning, Corentin took them on a walk for a sightseeing tour of Paris!