• Access to our brilliant annual Weekend School featuring amazing teachers and musicians. Following Paris, Oslo, Budapest and Munich we could be coming to a city near you – Don’t miss it!
  • Find out where you can dance with other young people in your area or when traveling.
  • We can advertise all your local events, bringing the Youth Branch to your local dance.
  • We can help with travel costs so that you don’t have to miss out on that Day School, Weekend Workshop or Summer/Winter School that you must go to! – International or Local
  • Reminders and help with applying for RSCDS Scholarships.



  • Regular Newsletters letting you know what we’ve been up to.
  • A chance to make friends and dance partners all over the world.
  • Voice your opinion and comments about the future of YOUR society.
  • Who doesn’t love a discount?! Through the Youth Branch, you can receive a discount on all RSCDS products – from Books and Music to Teddy Bears and Slip Stop.
  • A magazine from RSCDS HQ keeping you in touch with all our international news.

RSCDS Benefits


  • Help keeping Scottish Country Dancing going for years to come. 
  • Shape the society we all want.