The RSCDS Youth Branch takes the collection and retention of our members’ personal data seriously and all data is held in accordance with GDPR principles. The data is held for the purposes of registering Branch members, maintaining records and communicating with Branch members, and processing your membership of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. The RSCDS Youth Branch may take photographs at events for publicity purposes. Photographs may be used on social media, our website and in our e-newsletters. As the RSCDS Youth Branch is based in Europe, it follows the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations in the collection and retention of personal data. Member data collected from outwith the EEA will be held in accordance with these principles.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The Youth Branch (YB) reviewed its compliance with GDPR well before its implementation on 25th May 2018 and this process is on-going with input from the RSCDS, Information Commissioners Office and other sources.

The database is regularly updated, and annual membership renewal is the obvious time to review each member’s personal data held by the YB.

The membership database is protected by a system of double encryption and is stored on a UK-hosted server to be GDPR compliant.

We will respect members’ rights as stated in GDPR. The YB considers that it has a “legitimate interest” in having current email addresses and names in order to administer its membership and so does not need express consent from members for this. Members can opt out of providing the YB database with a postal address and contact phone number if they so wish. However, these can be useful particularly for administering YB events.

The approximate geographical location of members is of interest to the Youth Branch, but it is unusual for the YB to use a postal address and even less likely to use a contact phone number.

Only in the case of youth and young adult members will date of birth be requested, and this can later be deleted from the database when no longer relevant.


Information for events

Further information for administering YB events such as dietary requirements and room requests as entered on the application forms will be recorded and entered into excel files. This information will be protected and will be deleted sometime after the event and data will not be entered into the YB membership database.

Event information will be only viewed by YB Committee members with a direct interest in administering the event and will only be shared in a modified form with essential third parties such as hotels, restaurants and coach companies.



The topic of photographs and their publication is covered in the RSCDS guidance. Members’ photographs are not recorded in the YB database.

So many photographs and videos are now taken at events and freely shared on many social media platforms that only a public opt-out policy is realistic at social events except to say that consent is required from parents and/or legal guardians for those present who are under the age of 16 years for the taking and publication of their photos.



As all promotion of non-YB events only occurs via the YB Newsletter, the YB considers that express consent is not required as the Newsletter is part of YB membership.

Otherwise YB members will only receive relevant and justifiable emails concerning their membership from the YB at the Committee’s discretion.

The YB membership database is only accessed by the YB committee and is not shared with other parties apart from Primary YB members whose data is shared with RSCDS Headquarters for the purpose of membership administration.


Internet Security

The YB Committee encourages its members to be internet security conscious and responsible, but as yet there is no written YB policy for internet and IT security. The YB has a General Data Agreement with Headquarters as regards managing any data breaches and investigating and responding to any complaints and Data Officer role is currently with the Chairman.



The YB does not make use of cookies on their website for any purposes whatsoever.